Almost Royalty – Worst Breakup Ever Contest (International)

Courtney Hamilton’s “Worst Breakup Ever” Contest (International)

Courtney Hamilton is giving away a signed copy of her novel, Almost Royalty, to the top 2 winners! To enter, all you have to do is tell her:
What is your “Worst Breakup Ever” experience? Share your story in the comment section below.
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After the contest has ended, Courtney will personally read every participant’s entry and pick the top 2 worst breakup stories. The winners will be announced through Courtney’s Facebook page, Twitter, and blog. This contest will also be hosted on various blogs, social media sites, and forums found in the “Participating Websites” section of this post.
Only 99¢
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Enjoy the “Worst Break up Ever” contest and, for the first time, download your Kindle copy of Almost Royalty by Courtney Hamilton for only 99¢!

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Terms and Conditions for Entry Eligibility
No purchase necessary to enter. Sponsored by Forrest Thompson Publishers. Giveaway ends August 5, 2014 at 11:59 PM (PST). Open Internationally. 18+ years of age. Void where prohibited. Winners will be announced on Courtney Hamilton’s blog at, Eco-chain of Dating Facebook Page, and @ecochaindating. Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize once they are chosen, or their winnings will be forfeited. By entering the giveaway, you give Courtney Hamilton and Forrest Thompson Publishers permission to repost your story or recite it in a video for media purposes. Forrest Thompson Publishers reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this contest at any time without prior notice.
Participating Websites: The full list of participants in Courtney’s “Worst Breakup Ever” Contest is available on her blog at:

Let the Worst Breakup Stories Ever begin!

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Spotlight on Author J.S. Scott

“Book One Mine For Tonight is currently FREE ON AMAZON

Down on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster
gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that
will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a
miracle to save her, Kara gets rescue from an unknown, unlikely and
overwhelming source. Billionaire Simon Hudson makes her an offer that
is impossible to refuse, but terrifying to accept from a man that she’s
never met. Will the handsome, alpha billionaire really be a solution to
her problems, or will he end up being a major complication and a danger
to her emotional sanity?

Reclusive billionaire Simon Hudson would rather be behind a computer
creating computer games than rubbing elbows with the elite and he knows
exactly what he wants…until he meets Kara Foster. Something about
Kara touches Simon in ways he’s never experienced and definitely doesn’t
like. For over a year, Simon watches over Kara, but stubbornly refuses
to admit his desire to possess her, not even to himself. But when she
ends up in a situation that could very well be her destruction, Simon
steps up to help her, not realizing that in saving Kara, he might very
well be salvaging his own soul.

“Mine For Tonight” is book one of “The Billionaire’s Obsession” .
Books in this trilogy do not stand alone and need to be read in order.
They include:

Mine For Tonight – Book 1 “The Billionaire’s Obsession”

Mine For Now – Book 2 “The Billionaire’s Obsession”

Mine Forever – Book 3 “The Billionaire’s Obsession”

and Mine Completely – a Valentine’s Day romance featuring Simon and Kara

This is a steamy romance and is not intended for YA readers. It
contains steamy love scenes, explicit language and adult emotion not
appropriate for YA readers.

Book one comes in a boxset for only 99c “>The Billionaires Obsession

Book two is “Heart of the billionaire


Sam and Maddie are here!

Billionaire Sam Hudson has pretty much lived his life with no
apologies because he tries never to do anything that he’s sorry
about…except for what he had done in the past to Dr. Madeline Reynolds.
Many years and regrets later, Sam meets up with Maddie again by chance;
his brother Simon is marrying Maddie’s best friend and the two of them
are forced to be civil. But Sam wants to be more than polite, and he
wants another chance to make things right, so he offers Maddie a bold
proposition, an offer he knows she’ll have a very hard time declining
even though she hates him.

Dr. Madeline Reynolds adores her best friend Kara and her fiancé
Simon, but being forced into the company of Sam Hudson, because they are
both in Simon and Kara’s wedding, is pure torture. She’s hated Sam for
years, but when he offers her a bargain, something near and dear to her
heart, she’s torn between her dislike for the man and the offer of
something she’s always desperately wanted. Once, Sam Hudson nearly
destroyed her, but Maddie discovers that sometimes things aren’t always
what they appear to be. Is Sam really a devious heartbreaker, or is
there something more to him beneath the surface?

Can two people with so many years of hurt between them learn to trust each other again?

Please note: This is an erotic romance and not appropriate for YA
readers. The book contains graphic sex, language and situations not
appropriate for YA readers.

Book Three is “The Billionaire Salvation


He’d been reunited with a sister he hadn’t realized existed. Finally he
had family again, a reprieve from the pain and loneliness that had
haunted him since his devastating loss. Yeah…he was as happy as a man
could be, considering he had lost the other half of his soul and most of
his heart when fate had torn his wife away from him.

Or so he believed…until the day he rescued a mysterious woman in the
park, a female who somehow had managed to reignite a part of him that
he thought was long dead…

Suddenly, Max’s protective, dominant, possessive male instincts
flare to life, leaving him at a loss as to how lightning could possibly
strike twice in one lifetime. Is he truly being given another chance at
real happiness, or would it be dangled in front of him, only to be taken
away once again?

Find out by reading The Billionaire’s Salvation, Book 3 in The New
York Times Bestselling series, The Billionaire’s Obsession. This is a
complete contemporary erotic romance novel with no cliffhangers!

Book four is “The Billionaire Game

The Billionaire’s Game – The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Kade

Trailer –

With his professional football career over due to a tragic accident,
billionaire Kade Harrison takes on the task of solving a mystery for
his brother-in-law and friend, Max Hamilton. Without his former career
to fill every minute of the day, Kade’s looking for something to
challenge him–now that he’s lost the career that had meant everything
to him. But what starts out as a simple favor soon becomes a whole lot
more than he bargained for when the woman he’s seeking slips away from
him every time he gets close to finding her. When Kade does finally
corner her, things start to get even more complicated. Asha Paritala is
nothing like he expected, and the female he had tracked down as a favor
for Max soon becomes a woman he wants for his very own, a woman who
makes protective and highly predatory instincts he didn’t know he had
flare to life inside him. Kade soon discovers that he wants Asha’s
total surrender to the desire and passion that vibrates intensely
between the two of them, but he also wants her trust, the one thing
Asha’s history makes it difficult for her to give. Can Kade convince
her that some things are worth risking it all?

Caught between two worlds, Asha Paritala is homeless, broke and
damaged from a life of abuse and neglect. Born of an American mother
and an Indian immigrant father, Asha was raised as an Indian woman by a
foster family after the death of her natural parents when she was little
more than a baby. She’s spent her entire life under the control of
others until finally breaking free two years earlier, and she’s
determined to keep her freedom, even if it means she has to struggle to
survive. But when she meets Kade Harrison, her resolve is tested.
After Kade helps her through a bad situation, she finds herself
beginning to trust Kade as she’s never trusted a man before. Kade is
everything she always thought a man should be, but can she lose herself
in him completely when she knows she’s damaged and confused. And is it
really possible that she could be a lost sibling to two people like Max
Hamilton and Maddie Hudson? Asha is tempted by the possibility of
family, and the irresistible lure of a man like Kade Harrison. Can a
woman caught between two cultures, so flawed and so backward, really
reach out and take what she wants, or will the instinct to run from the
pain of her past destroy the hope of happiness for her future?

Find out if two broken souls can heal each other in The Billionaire’s Game, book 4 of The Billionaire’s Obsession series!!

This is a complete novel with no cliffhangers. 18+ due to sexual situations and graphic language.

Book five is “Billionaire Undone

After four years of working for “the billionaire boss from hell” Ally
Caldwell thinks she finally has her life on the right track. Her fiancé
is out of dental school, ready to go to work at a thriving practice,
and it would finally be her turn to go back and finish her college
degree. Unfortunately, her carefully planned future crumbles when she
finds out that her fiancé, the man she’d nearly killed herself to help
get through school, has been cheating on her. With her wedding looming
in the near future, Ally’s blindsided, realizing she’d never even knew
the man she’d been planning to marry. Suddenly, her carefully organized
life is turned upside down, and not one single thing is turning out the
way it was supposed to happen. Even her boss, Travis the Tyrant, is
beginning to act differently, throwing Ally into an even more confused
and chaotic state of mind. Travis, the one man who she’d always counted
on to be a jerk, was now the guy who actually steps up to try and help
her straighten her life out again. Unfortunately, she doesn’t much care
for his highhanded arrogance or his methods of “helping.” Ally wants
to hate Travis. It makes her life so much simpler to fight with him
than to admit to the combustible chemistry growing between the two of
them. But as she begins to see more and more of the real Travis beneath
his dark façade, she can’t seem to resist the dangerous lure of their
unlikely attraction.

Billionaire Travis Harrison does everything he possibly can to
repair the Harrison name after a scandal nearly destroyed his family
years ago. He makes sure he keeps himself and his actions in check, his
emotions buried under a thick layer of ice. Only his secretary and
assistant, Alison Caldwell, makes him come close to losing his carefully
constructed image. The obstinate female keeps shoving him closer and
closer to the edge of sanity every single day. But when he finds out
about her fiancé’s betrayal, his protective instincts roar to life
inside him, making him want to ensure she’s never hurt again. The only
problem is…Ally doesn’t want his help, and the infuriating woman does
everything she can to push him away, even as the two of them are swept
into an undeniable passion that neither of them can possibly ignore.
Before long, Travis finds himself in ruthless pursuit of something much
more important and elusive than just a business deal.

Can these two very different, very stubborn people actually be meant
to be together? Find out if Travis and Ally can let down their
defenses and surrender to a love so powerful it will rock them to the
depths of their souls in Billionaire Undone, Book Six of The
Billionaire’s Obsession series.


Follow Author JS Scott at

Pre Order Link for Billionaire Unmasked coming August 26th

A Quote from What We Leave Behind by Matthew Alan

This is Jane (Main character’s) journal entry. Chapter 21.

It’s sad really, trying to appreciate all of the great events in our lives and all the amazingly good days. Sometimes it seems like we take them for granted, until something bad comes along to put us back into perspective. Are these bad events catalysts for change, which bring out the resiliency and best in us? A cosmic wakeup call that reminds us to enjoy the good times, because they can be taken away so easily.
How messed up and ironic would that be?
Is it even possible for us to remember what goodness we’re truly capable of on a daily basis, not just when things cause us to react out of necessity. A base line of beautiful acts and thoughts that are not brought out only by holiday music or someone else’s misfortune, but remain at the surface of who we really are. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Wouldn’t that be something to strive for?

About the author:

Matthew Alan is from Canton, Ohio and attended Kenyon College. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he coaches swimming at the collegiate level.

He has written and published his debut novel “One Degree”, a short story “The Hero”, and a second novel, “Cristman”.

Copies of “One Degree”, “The Hero” and “Cristman” are online in e-book and paperback formats at as well as through his blog:

Review of Secret Histories: Stories of Courage, Risk, and Revelation by 25 Writers

Secret Histories is a compilation of short stories written by 25 talented authors from the Pacific Northwest. My initial reaction upon downloading the book is that the stories would be too short due to the fact that there were a lot of contributors. What I realized after reading the entire book is that it was a great blend of life experiences from different topics, backgrounds, experiences, heartaches and triumphs which made me admire this unique way of story telling.

My top 3 favorite stories are:

1. The Last Dance in the Searchlight by Mary Matsuda Gruenwald
It felt like I was transported into her era, Mary has a wonderful way of telling her story and although it seemed short it was complete and I loved every moment of it.

2. First To Let Go by Elizabeth Van Deventer
She left her work behind to take care of her dying brother. She sacrificed a lot for her brother and every moment of being with him was truly valuable.

3. Tell Me A Story by Kathy Opie

A loving tribute to her Nonna which was one of the few most positive memories Kathy had in her childhood. She cherished and clung to her Nonna’s influence, great cooking and wonderful stories (I would have loved to see the painting mentioned) especially during the dark times in her life. I found this story special and admired the author that despite being questioned her uncle – Kathy still had the courage to write this story… it is hers to tell.

Again, Secret Histories are of different stories written by local Salish authors about a memorable part of their life. So take a peek at this very interesting compilation.

The Writing Process of Steven Manchester author of Pressed Pennies

My Writing Process
by Steven Manchester

I suppose I discovered the writing world by accident – or perhaps it discovered me.
I’d just returned home from Operation Desert Storm, and was working as a prison investigator in Massachusetts. Needless to say, there was great negativity in my life at that time. I decided to return to college to finish my degree in Criminal Justice. During one of the classes, the professor talked about police work but nothing else. I finally raised my hand and asked, “The criminal justice system is vast. What about the courts, probation, parole – corrections?” He smiled and told me to see him after class. I thought I’d finally done it! In his office, he explained, “There’s no written material out there on corrections or prisons, except from the slanted perspective of inmates.” He smiled again and dropped the bomb. “If you’re so smart,” he said, “why don’t you write it?”
Nine months later, I dropped the first draft of 6-5; A Different Shade of Blue on his desk. From then on, I was hooked. I was a writer.

I’d written a lot at my job (report writing), but it all started with my college professor’s challenge. Perhaps because of my age and experience, I understood right away that writing is a craft that takes time to evolve; to mature, so I spent the next several years PRACTICING my chosen craft. Under the pen name, Steven Herberts, I wrote in every venue of print I could get my name in: newspaper, magazine, etc. I also penned two collections of poetry, and wrote drafts for two more books. After five solid years of writing, I finally believed that I’d found my voice; MY STYLE – and was ready to contact an agent.

The greatest challenge for me has been time. First and foremost, I am a dad and my children come first. After that, there are other responsibilities that need my attention. Yet, my passion to write has constantly gnawed at my soul. To overcome the obstacle of time, I made writing a priority over watching TV and sometimes even sleeping. Once my family is taken care of and the world closes its eyes, I’m up for a few more hours each day – chasing my dreams on paper.

It has taken thousands of words, hundreds of pages, before I finally identified with a particular genre. I decided that my voice was a more sensitive one: a male perspective to a female audience.

Now that I have nearly two decades of writing and getting published under my belt, I enjoy trying to help new writers break in. My advice is always the same:
o Be true to yourself, always.
o Write constantly.
o Keep the faith!!!
o And NEVER, EVER, EVER quit. Most people in this industry would agree that more than talent or skill or even luck, perseverance is the one trait that will always get the job done.
o Knock on every door you can, and keep knocking. I promise that eventually someone will open and the warmth you feel on your face will more than validate every hour spent alone in the darkness.

Author Photo
Cover Photo

Brief Synopsis:
Rick and Abby grew up together, became best friends, and ultimately fell in love. Circumstance tore them apart in their early teens, though, and they went on to lives less idyllic than they dreamed about in those early days. Rick has had a very successful career, but his marriage flat-lined. Abby has a magical daughter, Paige, but Paige’s father nearly destroyed Abby’s spirit.

Now fate has thrown Rick and Abby together again. In their early thirties, they are more world-weary than they were as kids. But their relationship still shimmers, and they’re hungry to make up for lost time. However, Paige, now nine, is not nearly as enthusiastic. She’s very protective of the life she’s made with her mother and not open to the duo becoming a trio. Meanwhile, Rick has very little experience dealing with kids and doesn’t know how to handle Paige. This leaves Abby caught between the two people who matter the most to her. What happens when the life you’ve dreamed of remains just inches from your grasp?

Pressed Pennies is a nuanced, intensely romantic, deeply heartfelt story of love it its many incarnations, relationships in their many guises, and family in its many meanings. It is the most accomplished and moving novel yet from a truly great storyteller of the heart.

Author Bio: Steven Manchester is the author of The Rockin’ Chair, as well as the #1 best seller, Twelve Months (2013 San Francisco, DIY & New England Book Festivals award winner). He is also the author of A Christmas Wish (Kindle exclusive), Goodnight, Brian (2013 Southern California Book Festival award winner), and Pressed Pennies (due out May 2014). His work has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s The Early Show, CNN’s American Morning and BET’s Nightly News. Three of Steven’s short stories were selected “101 Best” for Chicken Soup for the Soul series. When not spending time with his beautiful wife, Paula, or his four children, this Massachusetts author is promoting his works or writing. Visit:!/AuthorStevenManchester

Book Availability:
Paperback & Kindle
Nook & Paperback